Each child needs to have a current membership. The membership year is from September to the following August.

Program Details - Safe Arrival

We do not know when the sign up for the 2023 – 2024 safe arrival program will begin at this time. Keep checking our website and social media for upcoming information.

All registration is online on the Rec Desk Registration Site  

You will need to put your children on the waitlist for now as we need to hire additional staff. 

Please read instructions and descriptions for answers to your questions

St Pius X /Algonquin / & French Immersion students from Ecole Gron Morgan and St Bernard are the 4 schools that we shuttle / safe walk from. 

Members from other schools are welcome for Drop In 

Our After School Program has a huge variety of activities for all children and youth JK – Grade 12. Ensuring safety to the Club assists the Parents with After School Care and helps to eliminate opportunities for bullying between the School and the Club. For more information, contact the Club’s Safe Arrival Line at 623-0354 ext. 152 or at 

  • Safe Arrival – $10 membership fee & Safe Arrival fee – the member can be bussed to the Club or be picked up from St Pius X School by our staff and walked to the Club.
  • Drop In Start date: October 19th Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays only right now.
  • (Drop In) Program – $10 membership fee and the member must be able to get to the Club on their own. 

For detailed information on a typical day after school and canteen please go to the After School Drop In Link.

**A bonus for Safe Arrival families are given the sign up date for programming before it is made public.**