Raise the Grade

Discover your Strengths

Join Raise the Grade, an educational program offered at BGC Thunder Bay, supported by RBC Future Launch. In our Raise the Grade tech centre, we will help you discover your interests, shape your career goals and plan for your future.

Have FUN!

Come hang out in our Teen space, play pool, play sports in the gym, meet up with friends, learn new skills and eat some great snacks.

Get Help! 

Through our program you will be matched with a mentor who will help you discover your interests, consider career options, choose high school courses to help meet your career goals, offer homework help and study skills, help with post-secondary application and planning. 

We know you’ve got a pile of assignments to finish, exam reviews starting, and you’re struggling to understand how quadratic functions is useful in every day life… school is tough… BUT!! Have no fear… we’re here to help! Raise the Grade has actual teachers and tutors ready to help you achieve your goals this quadmester! Don’t go down without a fight!

Raise the Grade gives access to many links and tools to help explore your strengths and interests. We will also assist you in learning about different careers that will match with your strengths and interests. 

By participating in Raise the Grade, you will develop skills to make the transition from high school to post-secondary education. The unique experiences you get while participating in the program will strengthen your confidence and give you the tools you need to succeed. Life after high school… You got this!

Scholarships and Your Future

Do you know participating in programs like this and becoming a member of BGC Thunder Bay opens up scholarship opportunities for teens. Watch the BGC Canada site for more information and when they will be available. In recent years Cheyna won the Grade 10 Incentive Best Buy Scholarship and Ben won the Grade 12 Grant Thornton Scholarship. They are both currently pursuing their post secondary education.