Each child needs to have a current membership. The membership year is from September to the following August.

BGC Thunder Bay - Opportunity changes everything!

Membership fee is $10 each!

After School Hours: 2:45—5:30pm

Drop In Programs will start 3 days / week on Wednesday October 19th 

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be the only days we can accept new “Drop In” Members at this time.  

We are currently trying to hire additional staff to welcome back more members into our Drop In Program
It will be open to students at any school as long as they can get here on their own and they have a 2022-23 Annual Membership. Please remember we will not be open Monday and Tuesdays until we can find more staff. 
To get a membership parents need to make an account or sign into your existing account. If you forgot password, please contact Lee-Ann and she will send you a reset email.

Rec Desk online program link BGC of Thunder Bay > Home (

Typical Day After School
  • All children will sign in at the attendance desk. Safe Arrival children hang their belongings where their name tags are. Drop In members can find a blank hook. 
  • Each member will sanitize / wash their hands, get a healthy snack, order canteen (if they choose) and start a variety of activities.
  • Activities could include; outdoor play, gym activities, computers, crafts, cooking, house league, get in the game activities, power up literacy activities or science programs.
  • All members are to be signed out or have permission to walk home on their own. Parents should be ready to show ID if requested.

Canteen Items are available on Thursday.  When we open all week, canteen will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Parents can put money into their child’s canteen account (debit, credit and cash) so they do not have to carry money.

Large Slushies & Chips for $1.50 each.

Smaller Slushies are available for $1 and Candy bags are $1