Each child needs to have a current membership. The membership year is from September to the following August.

BGC Thunder Bay - Opportunity changes everything!

Membership fee is $10 each or $25 for a family of 3 or more!

After School Hours: 2:45—5:30pm

Drop In (Registered)

Drop In now has changed to a Registered Drop In due to Covid!

Drop In members need to come from one of the 4 schools we are currently allowed to have during this time. 

The four schools include Algonquin / St Pius X and French Immersion students from St Bernard and Ecole Gron Morgan. 

To find out if there is room in the cohorts please contact Lee-Ann at 623-0354 x 111 or at

TEENS Grade 8 -12 Click here for program options

Drop In members should be committed to attending 3 – 5 days per week, wear a mask and pass screening. 

Typical Day After School
  • Members will all get screened at the door. If they do not pass screening, then parents will be called for immediate pick up.
  • All children must wear a mask. Members will sign in, take their outside clothing off and a staff from their Cohort will meet them to bring them to their area.
  • Each cohort will sanitize / wash their hands, get a healthy snack, pre-order canteen and start a variety of activities.
  • Activities could include; outdoor play, gym activities, computers, crafts, cooking, house league, get in the game activities, power up literacy activities or science programs.
  • All members are to be signed out or have permission to walk home on their own. Parents should be ready to show ID if requested.

Canteen Items are available from Wednesday to Friday. Pre-order on Monday or Tuesday. 

Parents can put money into their child’s canteen account (debit, credit and cash) so they do not have to carry money.

Youth Zone members have Slushies & Chips for $1 each.

Kidz Zone members Jk – grade 3 have smaller slushies that are $0.50 and Chips that are $1